Mamma Drumm

April 15, 2010

I taught drum making a few weekends ago and I feel that I have arrived a place where my mastery of drum making is evident. The new technique I’ve been working with, is easy to teach and has greatly narrowed the margin of error so, my students walk away with a drum that is crafted well.

This new birthing was celebrated in the creation of this 21 inch Mamma Drumm which I crafted the week before the workshop. The hoop was recycled from the second drum I ever made ten years ago.

She looks like the full moon and she was born just before the full moon on March 29, 2010. I was told by one of teachers that Mamma Drumm’s markings resemble the aspects of the planets for that full moon on March 29.

Mamma Drumm taught me the true meaning of ease and grace and the following are the messages I received at that time.

*Time to pace yourself

*Pay attention to what is new

*Forge forward and follow through


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