Putting Dreams to Form

April 29, 2010

I see the world

     I want to serve

I see my gift

     I want to for you

I see a vision

  I want to share

I want, I want, I want!

     speaks of grandeur 

 that cannot stand alone.



I stop, I peer

     thru the window of my true purpose,

I see me.

April 21, 2010
10 am
Hisperia, CA
On this day I was attending a week long superadobe earth bag building workshop at Cal Earth Institute for Earth and Art Architecture.    The morning began with a film starring the founder, Nadar Kahlilli, an architect and philosopher whose inspiration was found in the poetry of Rumi.  Keys to his presentation were “Racing Alone”,  the 7 elements;arches, vaults, domes, air, earth, fire, and water and designing building principles with simplicity of angles, friction, and geometry.
I was moved to tears as so much of his words seemed to speak directly to me.   In paticular this poem emerged from the inner conflicts of my pursuits to build MY home as opposed to build for COMMUNITY.  
Then conflict was put to rest with the jist of what Nadar said about the structure of an arch.   The arch CAN stand alone.   Now I see there is a time to build for the WE yet, this is the time for ME.
Thus the begining of my continued journey…from Home Maker to Drum Maker to House Builder.

2 Responses to “Putting Dreams to Form”

  1. tami noorzay Says:

    Infinite love and gratitude to your spirit, beautiful…keep building on 🙂

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