Sitting in the Full Spectrum of Trust

May 7, 2010

Today I re-began my meditation practice I developed into a daily routine over the past 16 years.  In the last two years, this routine shifted.  My meditations became meditations of movement.  Currently I desire to find my center in stillness again in my time of many new beginnings.  Selling my house, building my business, and building my home.  Making decision, no, CHOICES about money, finances and working  and learning to trust hired professionals of the linear world has been quite a journey.

In my mind’s eye, I see my inner child and I hold her as we are traveling down into a rocky mine shaft.  My stomach pits.  I hold her tight, then my vision shifts to a future and I see me in 10-15 years from now.  A grand parent.  Situating myself with my daughters to be available to them as they become parents.  HUH!  Then my body feels creation and the snake rises.  Elation! Ecstasy!  This is YES.  I feel a deep intimacy around my arms as if someone is hugging me.  “Remember this is your YES!”  Ahhh…just as I embrace my little girl, holding her close and acknowledging her safety and security.  Loving her. Loving her.
This is Yes.

I step into this present moment and begin the day with my daughters;they getting for school, me sharing my insight maybe to hear myself talk.  In the moment of sharing I see the mapping that this is a time that as a Mom, I can step aside just a bit from my children and pursue my dreams.  This is my time to multi task in a different way than I have mastered as a Mom.  Phew!

My daughters.


2 Responses to “Sitting in the Full Spectrum of Trust”

  1. Sondra Says:

    It was a gift to visit your WEB yes to Wisdom & Empowerment

  2. Lisa Starr Says:

    Thank you Sondra. It is a gift to have you in my life and witness….me!
    I am grateful.

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