Diving, Drums and Dreams

August 3, 2010

July 30, 2010

Living at the beach has been a great blessing as I/we continue the ritual of dunking three times into Grandmother Ocean first thing in the morning at least every two days.

ritual:water blessing~immerse 3 times for Body, Heart, Spirit


In the last week, with the full moon approaching,  three drums were born and just before that there was an emotional release within my partnership with G preceded by a visit by a Rosa Boa both in this reality and then in dream time.

New Births:Body, Hear, Spirit

Since this past full moon, I have been noticing many people sharing deep profound dreams.  Dreams of jumping off cliffs without fear, merging with beloveds in the purity of light, and my own, making relations with new kind of beings.

you just have to
dive right in

Emotions build
yet we are in
labor to birthing
a new kind of love


Make their way
on shimmering scales
in this world
and in that world

We all find our way
fearlessly jumping out

Sometimes we have to
just dive right in.


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