Birthing it easy

October 15, 2012

Birthing  Easy
October 14, 2012
As we approach and enter this time in humanities evolution, the cosmos and prophecies of potent spiritual cultures say that we are stepping into our fullest potential of who we are to become. All that we aspire to be and want to bring to our children, our communities and the world is happening now. This is the time when what no longer serves us must be let go. For if not, our true essence of who we are that is emerging with great force to LIVE, will emerge with more discomfort.

Sometimes I think I may have taken on more than I can handle and get tired of being part of the “strong and inspiring” dream club. Doing life my way and out of the box only to follow my heart’s desires and Spirits calling ***breathe*** is the only way I continue to find the peace within.

How do we find the endurance that called us to the dream we are meant to meet?

Let us make it easy on ourselves. Do our work to LET IT GO. Walk into nature and appreciate the beauty of life. Seek support from someone who may simply hold your head on their shoulder and let you cry. Light a candle and take a bath. Do something wonderful for ourselves!!!
Seek the silence between the beats and pray, meditate, walk and listen for the stillness.

Peace Within~18" elk hide, cedar hoop, sterling silver, abolone shell

Peace Within~18″ elk hide, cedar hoop, sterling silver, abalone shell

This is the Peace that is born from letting go.


The Journey~April 2011

April 17, 2011

April 2011 Newsletter


At Bonita Domes we are practicing living a life of sustainability within community.
We are living and working together using the two trailers for our kitchen and community dining. An outdoor hot shower is the best part at the end of the day besides looking back at the magnificent sculptures we co-created. Our compost bin is going strong and eventually WWOOFERs will be invited to grow our garden.

The plans were approved by the county and our crew of 7, including me, are now camping on site, in cars, trailers and, of course, domes. In the last three weeks we completed two Sleep Pods and some retaining walls as we ramp up the flow and rhythm to building the Triple Dome home, the main structure. We are currently preparing to lay the first bag next week.

Sacred geometry are our guides as the arches, circles and friction come to life through the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water AND our desire and passion to meet our calling of being Earth Builders.

Divine orchestration has brought to our crew an inspired drum maker and last weekend was spent making mini ashikos and shamanic drums.

We are great-full to our experience of a simple life here in the desert of Joshua Tree….as we awake every morning like big kids ready to play in a giant sandbox. We are grateful to all the volunteers, crew members and visitors for continued support and inspiration.

If you would like to have more information, participate or visit the Bonita Domes Project, please email your inquiry to

Bonita Domes Project:
What motivates you?
What is your goal for the project?
What is your communication style?
What are three most important values living with others?

May this find you embraced and in rhythm of our Sacred Parents!

with Love,

Twins are Born

July 7, 2010

     During a week-long workshop at Cal Earth,  growth and insight emerged through pangs of emotional movements.  My partner and I found ourselves in the midst of tension as we presented our points of view about how we were communicating.  Ok….REALLY…..We were arguing.  Defensive/Offensive conversations flew around our field just like the clothes in the dryer at the laundromat.   Yes, we WERE actually at the laundromat.
     Eventually we found peace and resolution and returned to the workshop to begin a project with the group.  My partner went ahead as I lagged for some unknown reason.  I took the moments of solitude to meditate briefly to be awaken by a call from my medicine bag.  Corn Meal…”Take the corn meal!”  I checked my bag and  it was wet. Upon further investigation, my small bottle of collected and blessed Lightening Water had let loose in my bag and saturated most of its contents.
     I pondered briefly of the mornings events with my partner, set out the contents of my bag to dry and returned to the group with corn meal in my pocket.   The group had begun to build a wall with Earth and I gave offering to dig.
     Then just a few moments after my arrival back to the group a pvc line for water burst through  Mama Earth just like the water breaks in a swollen womb before a birth. 
     A week later, these twins were born.

adopted by one of my teacher who taught me how to love myself

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Quiet Before the Storm

June 17, 2010

Is it the quiet
before the storm?
That has me in
the bliss of calm.
I awake to
the excitement of the day
unlike recent mornings
where getting out of bed
was akin to
swimming through sludge.

Is it the quiet
before the storm?
That beckons me to
question what is
different today.
I drink my first
glass of water
with prayers to gratitude
to Mama, to Papa
for my life here and now.

It is the quiet
before the storm!
I’ll take it
embrace it
and dance with it!
Engulfed in the rapture
of happiness and harmony
not to question
its origin.

It is the quiet
before the storm,
and we will dance
with the winds of change,
and with the rains of blessings,
to the beats and rhythms
of the uninhibited joy
and curiousity of child.


Strike a Beat, photograph by Gabriel

(journal entry October 6, 2009)

Insights from the Drum

It was just a moment in time that I pulled away

and closed up.

Compassion got the best of me,

I spoke my fear in truth and

in the next moment

my heart began to sing.

“The Beauty Path we walk is yet to be felt.”

Strike a beat and another and another!

Resonance with Mamma fills me and reminds me,

I am Beauty!

Through the Heart I say, through the Heart!

Recently experiencing and seeing that it is just a moment in time that the tiniest of shifts occur that waiver our balance.  Just as it is a moment in time that we find ourselves back in balance again.


Mamma Drumm

April 15, 2010

I taught drum making a few weekends ago and I feel that I have arrived a place where my mastery of drum making is evident. The new technique I’ve been working with, is easy to teach and has greatly narrowed the margin of error so, my students walk away with a drum that is crafted well.

This new birthing was celebrated in the creation of this 21 inch Mamma Drumm which I crafted the week before the workshop. The hoop was recycled from the second drum I ever made ten years ago.

She looks like the full moon and she was born just before the full moon on March 29, 2010. I was told by one of teachers that Mamma Drumm’s markings resemble the aspects of the planets for that full moon on March 29.

Mamma Drumm taught me the true meaning of ease and grace and the following are the messages I received at that time.

*Time to pace yourself

*Pay attention to what is new

*Forge forward and follow through