in a windswept deseert

January 10, 2012

moments of bliss be
come distant memories as
time passes the sand 

Wind swept desert at sunset



As the events of this New Year’s past, I find myself reaching and almost gripping onto the memories of  ceremony and song.  In the twilight of this mornings sleep, I try to hide in the slumber to continue the Dream where my Soul and Spirit thrive.  Time and Space move out of illusion once again.

” When the wind blows its mighty gusts of change and kiss the cheeks of Mamma, the sand particle is windswept onto its renewed journey.”

I am reminded that in one breath and in one mighty exhale a new journey has begun.  Welcome….once again.




Journal Entry

December 28, 2011

****the winds of change are howling….i can hear the momentum building in the far distance….coming upon us like a heard of wild horses*****

Stamford Museum and Nature Center December 31, 2011

Just Show Up

September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

Joshua Tree, 10:13 am

This past weekend I took myself on an adventure into the unknown with my only compass being “just show up”.  There, I met my family and friends and, in between, Spirit and nature reflected back the impact of our contributions.

This is a Love Note I wrote to all of those whom participated in the etchings of alignment and harmony into my grateful heart this past weekend***


Like a child, I am remain in awe as the magic of divine orchestration has its way with us when our simplest expression is to just show up.
Since we met and have been in each others lives I have reached the true depths of meeting myself intimately and this past weekend with you was yet another experience that revealed how much our journey is of One Heart.  The continual evolution, growth and expansion of our glorious selves was/is continually confirmed as all of our senses are ignited when I look into your eyes, hug you, receive a massage from you, listen to you, speak my pain with you, catch up with you, see you, drum journey with you, laugh with you, wake up with you, receive your healing gifts, see and acknowledge your beauty and sexiness, cry with you, eat good food with you, hear your wisdom, receive your generosity, dance with you and be in love with you.

Last night I dreamt of Orb Weaver Spiders…..

Love of One Heart

In more ways than one
Coming together to weave
Spirals of desire

~Lisa Starr

I love you and may we continue to empower each other with Happiness; the vital force for good health and good life!

orb and a spiral weave



Strength and Saddness

March 26, 2011

I am grounded
in my power

"Strength and Saddness" photo by Gabriel

Confident in
my transparency
my authenticity
my truth

those moments
of sadness
for those
I am in love
whom cannot meet me

I humbly
honor their journey
my power
my acceptance
of what is.

Honey Toast

December 30, 2010


Joshua Tree, CA




"Intensity" photograph by Gabriel


Honey butter toast

really raw honey.

The sweetness of being vulnerable.

Honey toast.

Honey toes.

Horny toads.

And Lemon hot water tea.


Smack my lips!


I wrote this poem while I was sitting across the table from my beloved at the time.  I was relishing in my delightful buttered honey toast and hot lemon water as he stared away from me in his own place of contemplation.  The truth is there were unresolved issues between us that had yet to be communicated.

I suppose I had some sort of understanding and knowing that we were on the verge of clearing up the uneasiness since at that moment the intensity was at its peak.   The peak intensity is the threshold just before the completion within a life experience cycle and is a place of discomfort as our deep vulnerabilities are about to be unleashed.  A break through or healing is just moments away.  It has been my experience in this life’s journey that these intensities of experiences grows us into more of who we can be and how we become.

Such appropriate timing to be indulging in the sweetness and tartness of delectable comforts!

I See it in My Dreams

October 15, 2010

Earlier this year, I had an experience that showed me my distrust with women in my life and the following journal entry describes my journey of the anguish of broken Sisterhood then on to finding comfort in my relationship with my partner, G.

G is a symbol of my current relationship to the masculine and men in my life.  Trusting, supporting, comforting, honoring.  I am grateful.

I recently attended a gathering of women in New Mexico, Grandmothers Summit organized by the Sister of Honua.  My intention to attend was to connect with women still knowing that there was “something” regarding my experience of broken Sisterhood.  I chose to take proactive yet subtle approach and put all my trust and knowing into simply connecting with women.  No story telling, no healing,no re-hashing, just simply to be in trust and knowing and ALLOW all to be well.  There was nothing for me to do except show up.

On the second evening of the Grandmother’s Summit, I found myself in puddles of tears for absolutely no particular reason.  I awoke the next morning and spontaneously dressed in all black (the dark) and stripped myself of any amulets or jewelry.  It wasn’t until I gazed out onto the mountainside and saw glimpses of faces in nature, like the ones you can imagine in cloud formations, that my inconsolable crying stopped.

The presenters presented; Hillary Raimo~ Spirit Dolls, Mellissa Seaman~ Yoni Speak and Max Dashu~ Supressed History slide show.  In Spirit Dolls I created a new vision of Sisterhood and  recognized the blessed connection with the masculine and male energies in my life.  Yoni Speak took me to the depths of dream time and rejuvenation from a cry fest as well as showed me the power of Breath.  Supressed History showed me thousands and thousands of years of  pictoglyphs, pottery and art depicting Women in their Power and the profoundness of the dark and the light of being a woman.

Then it was time for lunch yet I had a mission: To go to the swimming pond and dunk three times for Body, Heart and Spirit and cleanse the emotional movement I had experienced the night before and earlier that morning.  I dunked, then showered and dressed, again spontaneously, in white and bright colors (the light).

So I share this journey with you that began some moons ago, a bit of my own prophecy manifesting here and now.  Tonight there are women gathering all over the world sharing their dark and their light, sharing and remembering that our tears and our breath are our medicine, our remedy, our power.

We gather together allowing us to be enveloped in Love.  There is nothing more for us to do.


Journal Entry April 20, 2010

I See it in My Dreams


I See it in my Dreams, oil painting by Lisa Starr 2008


My primal essence was unleashed

as the full moon rose

over the mountains.

I see the piece of me

I’ve been seeking to reclaim


I cry out an agonizing shriek!

There “IT” is again

yucky vulnerability!

**inhale a breath of life, send “IT” into love**


to pieces

small triangular

shards of glass

this “IT”

that which no longer desires to be within my field.

**inhale a breath of life send “IT” into love**

My primal essence

broke through the invisible

glass of illusion

**inhale a breath of life, send “IT” into love**

Bounds of limitation

freed by your embrace

safe and nurtured.

**inhale a breath of life  send “IT” into love**

We are perfectly encircled

as “Love”

envelops our beings.

Shopping for Red Boots

September 26, 2010

I sit upon her alter

and pray

What the fuck is going on?!

The clarity escapes me

and yet

I track it

finding myself in

another realm

having conversations with

out of this world


I sit upon the alter

and chant my prayer

calling in guidance

my body trembles

my heart blasts open

I merge with this being

we become one.

A power house of a woman

Amazonian Star Being




Time to go buy some

kick ass red boots!

September 23, 2010

I wrote the preceding poem when I was in the desert.  I have been moving towards building an Earth Bag Dome Home on two and half acres I have in Joshua Tree.  At the time of this writing, I was starting the first of many  weekly commutes from the beach to the desert and desert to the beach.  At the same timing, my daughters have recently  bloomed into independent teenagers and I was finding myself twisted and tormented by this growth of having children growing up.

I was frustrated with my exercise and meditation routines being shifted during my latest transitions and knowing that all I had to do was comitt myself and set intent to creating new routines.   This morning in the desert as the sun was rising I rose out of bed, kissed my beloved, got dressed and put on my hiking shoes, grabbed tobacco for offerings and set out for the hike into the Joshua Tree National Forest.  Just before I left I greeted the sun with a glass of water and began my ten minute walk toward the park.

I am continually in awe of the simplicity and power of our intentions, prayers and ritual.  On that day began to settle into new routine possibilities and called in a new guide and, most of all, I made peace with with the growth in my life.  Yup, we’re going boot shopping!!!