Anscetors Mandala

June 25, 2013

6.23.2013 ~Joshua Tree

I’ve come to this place deep inside me where it feels like there is thorn or block obstructing the flow of life’s greatest gifts and rewards.  I kept sensing dispar or just wanting to quit….everything.  I’m tired of doing, being active, taking action to move life along for the sake of accomplishment and success.  My committment to my dreams, projects and circles was waning.  Motivation weakening.  Inspiration becoming cynical.

I have everything to be grateful for.  My dome home is upon completion, my drum medicine continues momentum and friends, family and romance  are flourishing…the message I kept hearing was “Let go and allow.  Surrender.  Let go, let go, let go.”  Such an uncomfortable place in my psyche, body and soul.

Mini rituals alleviate  the angst…on with it…..let it go!!!!  Praying, meditating, calling on associates to reveal a message on my behalf led me to this message from the Ancestors.

“And so, the dream came true. What say you NOW Goddess?”

We say our Heart’s Desire, this dream, is nothing more than our ecstatic elation born from imagination. We imagined so much more and thought all we had to do is dream it awake. It’s a bit uncomfortable as the dream continues to reveal itself. Especially uncomfortble in the allowing for revalations.

“This is the growth of our humanity’s journey. What will you do NOW Goddess?”

We give up!


Ancestors Mandala



In this moment, I give up!  I surrender. I let go.  This is what the moment is calling for NOW and from this I am reminded that giving up IS being alive.

To be alive is a birth rite that we all embody.  Embody this rite; show up, be accountable and present. Being present, most of all, is the acknowledgment of being alive.





Birthing it easy

October 15, 2012

Birthing  Easy
October 14, 2012
As we approach and enter this time in humanities evolution, the cosmos and prophecies of potent spiritual cultures say that we are stepping into our fullest potential of who we are to become. All that we aspire to be and want to bring to our children, our communities and the world is happening now. This is the time when what no longer serves us must be let go. For if not, our true essence of who we are that is emerging with great force to LIVE, will emerge with more discomfort.

Sometimes I think I may have taken on more than I can handle and get tired of being part of the “strong and inspiring” dream club. Doing life my way and out of the box only to follow my heart’s desires and Spirits calling ***breathe*** is the only way I continue to find the peace within.

How do we find the endurance that called us to the dream we are meant to meet?

Let us make it easy on ourselves. Do our work to LET IT GO. Walk into nature and appreciate the beauty of life. Seek support from someone who may simply hold your head on their shoulder and let you cry. Light a candle and take a bath. Do something wonderful for ourselves!!!
Seek the silence between the beats and pray, meditate, walk and listen for the stillness.

Peace Within~18" elk hide, cedar hoop, sterling silver, abolone shell

Peace Within~18″ elk hide, cedar hoop, sterling silver, abalone shell

This is the Peace that is born from letting go.

Transition or Evolution?

January 2, 2011

January 1, 2011
Being on sabbatical and with all the recent holidays, this year I found little resonance to the typical activities and celebrations.  I relied on my muscle testing to guide me to be ok with just staying home with my kitties, curling up in a warm bed and watching a good movie. When I’m done with the movies, sometimes I just lie in bed allowing my mind to quiet and emotions to do whatever they do all with no judgement only allowance.

I fall asleep and wake up rested and bright.

One thing did occur to me in those moments of allowing. It seems that I have been in transition for seven years now. Growth and evolution… the journey….is it all one big giant transition?

Happy Solstice and as the world at large celebrates a New Year in Gregorian timing, I to will jump on the wagon for a ride in celebration for happiness, harmony, prosperity and Love.  From what I’ve been hearing it’s a ride into a New World of Peace and Coming Together.

Rock painting evolution and prophecy by Bear Rock Curing Magician, October 2010

Hopi pigments on Granite Rock

Hopi pigments were used for this painting which is located in Joshua Tree.  A desert tortoise made her presence as I sat in contemplation after I finished the painting.  The symbols represent my personal yet universal perspective and journey of this time in our evolution.

Shopping for Red Boots

September 26, 2010

I sit upon her alter

and pray

What the fuck is going on?!

The clarity escapes me

and yet

I track it

finding myself in

another realm

having conversations with

out of this world


I sit upon the alter

and chant my prayer

calling in guidance

my body trembles

my heart blasts open

I merge with this being

we become one.

A power house of a woman

Amazonian Star Being




Time to go buy some

kick ass red boots!

September 23, 2010

I wrote the preceding poem when I was in the desert.  I have been moving towards building an Earth Bag Dome Home on two and half acres I have in Joshua Tree.  At the time of this writing, I was starting the first of many  weekly commutes from the beach to the desert and desert to the beach.  At the same timing, my daughters have recently  bloomed into independent teenagers and I was finding myself twisted and tormented by this growth of having children growing up.

I was frustrated with my exercise and meditation routines being shifted during my latest transitions and knowing that all I had to do was comitt myself and set intent to creating new routines.   This morning in the desert as the sun was rising I rose out of bed, kissed my beloved, got dressed and put on my hiking shoes, grabbed tobacco for offerings and set out for the hike into the Joshua Tree National Forest.  Just before I left I greeted the sun with a glass of water and began my ten minute walk toward the park.

I am continually in awe of the simplicity and power of our intentions, prayers and ritual.  On that day began to settle into new routine possibilities and called in a new guide and, most of all, I made peace with with the growth in my life.  Yup, we’re going boot shopping!!!

Quiet Before the Storm

June 17, 2010

Is it the quiet
before the storm?
That has me in
the bliss of calm.
I awake to
the excitement of the day
unlike recent mornings
where getting out of bed
was akin to
swimming through sludge.

Is it the quiet
before the storm?
That beckons me to
question what is
different today.
I drink my first
glass of water
with prayers to gratitude
to Mama, to Papa
for my life here and now.

It is the quiet
before the storm!
I’ll take it
embrace it
and dance with it!
Engulfed in the rapture
of happiness and harmony
not to question
its origin.

It is the quiet
before the storm,
and we will dance
with the winds of change,
and with the rains of blessings,
to the beats and rhythms
of the uninhibited joy
and curiousity of child.

We are One

April 16, 2010

Fearless Freedom of Ectasy, photograph by Melissa Wiess Steele


In my bliss of love and light,

I see love’s warmth embrace my beloved Brothers and Sisters

As they are moving through their current moment of strife.

I send you my prayers from my breath of life as my words are sent and carried

in this breathless moment of an exhale,

“Remember this is just a moment in time that will move and pass and become just a moment in time.  Embrace it as ectasy embraces the lover’s and allow the fearless freedom to remove your fear.”

This fills our fields with All That is Good and the knowing that you are here for me and I for you.

We are One.

I was inspired to write this at the end of  a full day:  Dropped my girls off at school, drove in minimal traffic, worked on my laptop at the coffe shop, got my hair done, had a session with my coach, picked up my daughters from school and came home.   Pretty simple yet full.

In the news there was an earthquake in Tibet and volcanos irrupting in Iceland.  It’s also tax day and some folks are having “tea parties” rallying for unfair taxation.  Most significantly, a friend in our community has been hospitalized. 

This poem is my expression of Gratitude for a full and simple day.